Gluten Free Lifestyle

As you know, the Gluten Free trend has become more and more popular over the past couple of years. I love my bread, and so naturally I never saw myself giving it up. And then out of nowhere, I fell in love with a man that is gluten sensitive. At first, I was bummed. When we went out to dinner I felt bad that he couldn’t have half the things on the menu. You’d be surprised to find how many things actually have gluten in them.

So, being the badass woman that I am, I gathered baking supplies so that I could cook homemade gluten-free dishes. My cabinets are now stocked with gluten-free flour, oats, bread crumbs, and pasta. It’s interesting how many people won’t eat gluten-free food because they are convinced that it won’t taste good. I’ve stopped telling people the things I cook are gluten-free and they never know the difference.

A few days ago I baked gluten-free oatmeal cookies to make oatmeal cream pies. It makes me so happy that I can brighten up my mans day with cooking meals he misses. Although expensive, we feel much better since cleaning up our diet and getting rid of the gluten. His situation has inspired me to cook more from scratch. I’ve lost 4 pounds already just from doing so and I always know what goes into my food. Which is one of the best perks of cooking at home.  On another note, I’m still working hard on getting these book covers done. You will notice a lot of site management here soon. Until next time.


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